Demo Games at RPC Cologne, Germany 2017

YES, you heard right! Thanks to the Fandom program which offers space for new and aspiring hobbyists and projects, we are going to have a dedicated area for Bladestorm demo games at the Role-Play-Convention 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

Since the release of Second Edition finally launched also in print last month, it is now possible to do some demo games with the finished product in a larger hands-on gaming environment. What better place to be in May than at the Role-Play-Convention, Germany’s biggest professional trade show for Tabletop, Card, Pen&Paper, LARP and Computer Gaming? Each year, between 50.000 and 60.000 enthusiast join up for two full days of fun and gaming at the Koelnmesse Exhibition Center.

After initial contact with the officials was very positive regarding participation in the program, contact was forwarded to the organizing staff of the tabletop area. Today, following a presentation and some phone calls, we are extremely excited to announce that Bladestorm is going to officially exhibit in the Tabletop Arena!

Time flies when preparing for a trade show and thus preparations are already underway to make a great first appearance on May 27th!!

Stay tuned!