About Bladestorm

Bladestorm is a fantasy skirmish-style tabletop game where each miniature represents a hero or monster. The game uses six-sided and ten-sided dice to determine outcomes when attacking, inflicting damage, and maneuvering on the playing surface.

The system is simple and fast-paced thanks to a unique approach to combat situations. When rolling dice to attack another miniature, the result also determines the amount of damage for a successful attack.

Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) released the original Bladestorm in 1990, together with it’s own fantastic setting on the continent of Folenn. Today, Bladestorm can be used in its original setting or any background imaginable; movies, books, computer games, or your own imagination.

original-cover  bladestorm-second-edition-cover

Twenty-five years after the first edition was released by Iron Crown Enterprises, Bladestorm returns in a completely redesigned, corrected, colorized, and expanded Second Edition.

The rules enable quick battles between any kind of forces gamers wish to create. Regular troops, heroes, monsters, spell users, standard bearers, units, vehicles, musicians, leaders; if it’s a miniature, it can be turned into a Bladestorm combatant.

Design your hero based on any of sixteen fantasy races. Equip them with weapons and armor from more than 60 weapons and attack modes. Spell users can choose from 222 magic spells within the renowned Rolemaster realms of Channeling, Essence, and Mentalism.

Bladestorm Second Edition enhances regular combatants with a selection of fourteen classic fantasy professions.  Each profession is defined by four skills that can be individually developed, offering more than 26 skills to build unique heroes and villains.

These features–and a whole lot more–are ready to bring your adventures to the table.

  • 16 Fantasy Races
  • 60 Weapon and Natural Attacks
  • 222 Magic Spells (74 Channeling, 74 Essence, 74 Mentalism)
  • 14 Professions
  • 26 Profession Skills
  • 10 Scenarios
  • 80 Mercenaries
  • Item Creation System
  • 14 Prebuilt Character Archetypes