First Demo Rounds Underway

Hey everyone. This is a heads up that preparations for the RPC Demo Table have been completed. The large chunks of marketing stuff (find us thanks to two big human sized rollups and yellow T-Shirts) and spiral bound Rulebooks were luckily designed and ordered a while back. During the last couple of weeks (2 months, ahem…) remained the rather tedious task of assembling and planning the locations, encounters and treasures that you will find during your short journeys on our gaming mat. What came as a big surprise to me, was  a big Kraken-mat, that my friends gave me as a birthday present especially in view of the upcoming convention season.


Anyway, last night saw the initial test of the new setup at a local gaming event and I’m happy to say it worked great! Between 7:00 pm and 2:00 am we ran a bunch of encounters with varying forces and participants. In the Demo Game, players can take any of the 14 archetype characters on a test skirmish through the dark, orc ridden forest and free the mage besieged in his humble abode. Try to evade the mounted rider on his hungry, bulky beast while questing for the hidden healing well. Overpower the chieftain at his fireside and loot untold treasures from his stashes!

From the demo games emerged – just by chance – a number of really high powered magical items. One lucky player in particular continued to roll in the high 80s to 90s while identifying his loot. This resulted in a wealth of items such as spell imbued armor, magic potions, weapons and lots of other peculiar and powerful items.

Get your share of the adventure!

Looking forward to seeing you May 27th!