Bladestorm Schnellstartregeln auf Deutsch verfügbar

Es ist schon etwas Besonderes, nach zwei Jahren kontinuierlicher Arbeit an einem englischen Regelwerk, dieses endlich mit der Muttersprache beschreiben zu dürfen. Heute, hier und jetzt möchte ich euch mit den deutschen Schnellstartregeln des Skirmish Klassikers Bladestorm bekannt machen.

Das Spiel wurde 1990 zum ersten Mal von Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE), einem langjährigen Verlag von Pen-and-Paper Rollenspielen, veröffentlicht und fristete über viele Jahre ein Schattendasein.




Völlig zu unrecht, denn die Regeln waren ihrer Zeit voraus. Sie sind sehr schnell erlernbar, lassen sich an unterschiedlichste Situationen anpassen und machen erst Recht in der Zweiten Edition einfach jede Menge Spaß.

Diese Zweiten Edition stellt einen Meilenstein für das Skirmish-Spiel dar. Die Spielmechanik wurde in ihrem Kern komplett übernommen, jedoch um eine Vielzahl neuer Aspekte erweitert.

Nicht zuletzt durch das tolle Feedback auf der Role Play Convention in Köln wurde es nun höchste Zeit, das aus Defense endlich Verteidigung, aus Movement Rate endlich die Bewegungsrate etc wird. Ich hoffe, ihr findet gefallen an diesem schnellen, eleganten System. Ich weiß, das ich damit noch viele Abenteuer auf der heimischen Platte gestallten werde.

Eines ist sicher. Ich werde mich schneller an die deutsche Übersetzung gewöhnen als ich mir jetzt vorstellen kann. Die Schnellstartregeln könnt ihr wie alle weiteren Veröffentlichungen als Digital Original auf RPGNow herunterladen:


Viel Vergnügen und bis bald!

Video preps, German Translation and Great Review

Hey there, what’s happening folks. We are overdue for an update on what’s going on with Bladestorm these days. So, even if you haven’t seen too many updates rolling through, that does not mean we don’t have new things cooking behind the scenes 😉

So let’s start fresh. Looking back over the last couple of months since the Role Play Convention, there was tons of real life work catching up with us. Hence, I was especially happy when Abraham from the “Talking about games” Youtube channel asked, if we could provide him with a review copy of Bladestorm Second Edition. Sure enough, we were happy to make the files available. About two weeks later, Abraham notified us that the finished review could be found online. Hands down, he went through every nook and cranny of the Rulesbook and Abraham did a great job going full circle of the entire book. Aside from awesome feedback (which is very much appreciated!) he did indeed find a couple of things that can also improve in a future update of the Rulesbook. You can find the video here:

While I am really happy about the great feedback, I also promise to work on a solution for the points he made in his review. As a matter of fact, I might already have found a cure. And that brings me to the second news item that I am thrilled to announce.

Ever since the RPC in Cologne (and owing to some promises we did make to our visitors over the course of the event), it became clear that it is now time to follow up the successful release of Bladestorm Second Edition with a German translation. That’s right! Back to the drawing board! While that shouldn’t sound too difficult to start with, it actually is more demanding than one would think. Every language has a natural way to convey meaning and in more than one instance, the direct translation of a term may provide a different meaning in it’s translation. Take for instance the word “addition”. In English, it may be used to add something to a statement OR it may define part of a mathematical formula. A German translation would either state “Ergänzung” to add to a statement or “Addition” when referring to math. With this in mind, we spend a good amount of time getting the Bladestorm glossary translated into German. So far, this foundation has held up well and work has now progressed to the Basic Rules, which will be newly introduced as the “Grundregeln”. Here is a little sneak peak at the translated text:


Now, one of my reasons why I find tabletop as a hobby to be so relaxing and satisfying is because you get to build fantastic things. As you have noticed checking out our Youtube channel, there is so far only a video discussing the Basic Game mechanics and we didn’t follow up back then with more videos regarding Intermediate or Standard Rules, let alone the myriad of things you can also do with the Optional and Campaign Rules on top of that. The reason for this is again to one part – time – and the fact that from the Intermediate Rules onward, there is no more fixed scenario that lends itself to describing the mechanics. The idea was born to create an environment which can be continuously re-used to explain all the Bladestorm mechanics within familiar surroundings. After some long nights, we are finally only few brush strokes away from a little group of houses and ruins in the middle of nowhere that you will find featured in the next videos. Also, it’s a promise to return to high-resolution!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this slew of Bladestorm news and as always, stay tuned, there is more to come!

Until next time!

Looking back: Role Play Convention 2017

Hey folks, it took a while to collect all the imagery and vids from our collective smart phones, but here we are! Last weekend, we were at the Role Play Convention 2017 in Cologne, one of the main events in Germany covering everything role playing (and cosplay). The event is hosted annually at the Cologne Fair Grounds on two floors and an outside area. Feel free to shop, eat great foods, try out new games on computers, consoles or the tabletop (yup!) or take part in countless other activities. If you are into fantasy THIS is the place to be! The Tabletop Area is set on the upper floor to the far end of the hall and covers roughly half the size of a football field.

Big thanks go out to the RPC event staff, especially Carsten Kunz of the Tabletop Area, who offered us free space to setup our booth and present the game to a larger public. It was a lot of work but it was a blast for all of us! Below are some photos to give you a general impression of the booth and the games run at the event.


    Many, many thanks to the team, you guys were awesome!!


Hope to be back next year with more adventures and stories to tell. Until next time 😉

New Hero Cards available

“Blast these archetype characters, I want my own!” During the last months we’ve seen continued downloads of the picture cards for our archetype heroes. They sure look nice and offer a great overview of the hero. Now, Bladestorm wouldn’t be much about flexibility if the only assets that look real nice are the ones supplied by the publisher. We want YOU to create your favorite game. That’s why – after some tinkering – we proudly introduce our new Hero Cards.

The hero cards feature the same format and layout as the archetype picture cards:

  • on the left, you have the regular combatant card that serves as the base for every miniature in Bladestorm
  • in the middle, you find the profession card that goes along with a certain type of hero
  • the right features a large empty area that allows you to upload a photo of your miniature

Tracking the progress of your hero in terms of skills is pretty important. That’s why you can now place little check marks next to the skills that your hero already possesses. This new feature let’s you create truly personalized heroes and a great adventure party to show off on your side of the gaming table.

Download the new Hero Cards for free at RPGNOW:

Enjoy 😉

Basic Game Tutorial on Youtube

Hey folks,

we’ve been talking a lot about Bladestorm and gave you a tour of the new Rulesbook. But what does the game actually feel like? To remedy that, we created this little video tutorial that will take you through the Basic Game scenario which can also be found in the Quickstart Rules. Three Goblins Montu, Argh and Cro take on a big, ugly Sea-Troll. How do they fare? Well, let’s find out…


First Demo Rounds Underway

Hey everyone. This is a heads up that preparations for the RPC Demo Table have been completed. The large chunks of marketing stuff (find us thanks to two big human sized rollups and yellow T-Shirts) and spiral bound Rulebooks were luckily designed and ordered a while back. During the last couple of weeks (2 months, ahem…) remained the rather tedious task of assembling and planning the locations, encounters and treasures that you will find during your short journeys on our gaming mat. What came as a big surprise to me, was  a big Kraken-mat, that my friends gave me as a birthday present especially in view of the upcoming convention season.


Anyway, last night saw the initial test of the new setup at a local gaming event and I’m happy to say it worked great! Between 7:00 pm and 2:00 am we ran a bunch of encounters with varying forces and participants. In the Demo Game, players can take any of the 14 archetype characters on a test skirmish through the dark, orc ridden forest and free the mage besieged in his humble abode. Try to evade the mounted rider on his hungry, bulky beast while questing for the hidden healing well. Overpower the chieftain at his fireside and loot untold treasures from his stashes!

From the demo games emerged – just by chance – a number of really high powered magical items. One lucky player in particular continued to roll in the high 80s to 90s while identifying his loot. This resulted in a wealth of items such as spell imbued armor, magic potions, weapons and lots of other peculiar and powerful items.

Get your share of the adventure!

Looking forward to seeing you May 27th!

Demo Games at RPC Cologne, Germany 2017

YES, you heard right! Thanks to the Fandom program which offers space for new and aspiring hobbyists and projects, we are going to have a dedicated area for Bladestorm demo games at the Role-Play-Convention 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

Since the release of Second Edition finally launched also in print last month, it is now possible to do some demo games with the finished product in a larger hands-on gaming environment. What better place to be in May than at the Role-Play-Convention, Germany’s biggest professional trade show for Tabletop, Card, Pen&Paper, LARP and Computer Gaming? Each year, between 50.000 and 60.000 enthusiast join up for two full days of fun and gaming at the Koelnmesse Exhibition Center.

After initial contact with the officials was very positive regarding participation in the program, contact was forwarded to the organizing staff of the tabletop area. Today, following a presentation and some phone calls, we are extremely excited to announce that Bladestorm is going to officially exhibit in the Tabletop Arena!

Time flies when preparing for a trade show and thus preparations are already underway to make a great first appearance on May 27th!!

Stay tuned!

Youtube “Look Inside The Book”

“Greetings Youtube”

Granted, I couldn’t just copy that line from a favorite youtuber without feeling really bad about it, so I contented myself with a simple “Hi there!”. Starting today, you can find Bladestorm on Youtube where the book and the scope of rules is explained in two “flip-through “videos.

The first video covers the Rules from Basic Game to the Standard Game.


And the second video covers the Optional Rules, Campaign Rules and Appendix chapters.



Please bear with my limited technical setup as the GoPro camera that I initially intended for the job turned out to be the wrong choice (fish-eye lens got everything in the room except the book). Soooo, I fixed my smart phone to an old magnifier lamp (thus the little sway in the first few seconds) and talked about the most important points of the new edition.

If you are new to Bladestorm and want to know what it’s all about or if you have been pondering whether the hardcover book is the right choice: This video is for you 😉

Print Edition Available

A mere four days to Christmas Eve and way before 2016 bids it’s farewell, I am thrilled to announce the availability of the printed hardcover version of Bladestorm Second Edition!

The new print files brought all the little details that I was hoping to achieve in the final product. Page bleed, image colors, page numbers and tabs are all in their right places and the CMYK recoloring worked out perfectly. I selected premium paper because the colors really look brilliant and since we want a good haptic experience with the physical copy, the pages also have a nice silky feel to them.


While the pdf is always handy to keep on a tablet during gaming sessions, the printed book lets you dive in and enjoy the details while plotting your next adventure in style!

The book can be ordered for 37.99 USD at RPGNow.

There is also a 10.00 USD discount when buying the print and pdf bundle.

Before I forget, the PDF-version was also updated with some corrections and should now come along with richer graphics. This of course comes at a price which you will notice in file-size once you download the updated file version.

With this being the final milestone on our Bladestorm product roadmap for 2016, we can now start planning what may come next for our completely renovated skirmish system. Join us online and tell us about your adventures. I hope you enjoy this great game as much as we do.

Best wishes to you all!

Have a great holiday season (and some good time rolling dice) 😀



Book Arrived, New Proof Required

Yesterday, I received the proof copy in the mail. It took the package almost three weeks to get here but in the end, all wheels of the international mail system turned slowly but reliably towards their destination. Interestingly enough, this was the first book I ordered off RPGNow that did not originate in the UK. Instead the book arrived here from Malmö, Sweden.

Needless to say, I was incredibly curious to open the package and once I got it open, I was equally filled with joy and distress. YES! The first printed version of 2nd edition was there in all it’s material glory. But then again, something felt off. The writing on the spine seemed too far aligned to the left…

Unpacking quickly revealed a high quality book.  However, once I saw the MX-logo on the top of the front bending around the edge (it was removed from due to space corrections), I knew what had happened. The print order was fulfilled with an old file version of the cover, not the updated one submitted after the printer required corrections.

A look at the book’s interior confirmed the suspicion. Page one shows the version number of the interior file and it was not the latest version provided for the printing process. The older version contained several errors and was missing the bleed area around the page edges.

Now, regardless of the fact that the print files got mixed up: The book itself is going to be gorgeous! Flipping through the pages revealed crisp graphics, very good readability of all print and most importantly, the page tabs and page numbers inside the so called safety area (which caused the file to get rejected by the printer) were 100% where they were supposed to be.

Sadly, we cannot go into production with this print. The up-side is that we are so much closer to a really great looking printed Bladestorm 2nd Edition.

I’ll keep you posted!