Youtube “Look Inside The Book”

“Greetings Youtube”

Granted, I couldn’t just copy that line from a favorite youtuber without feeling really bad about it, so I contented myself with a simple “Hi there!”. Starting today, you can find Bladestorm on Youtube where the book and the scope of rules is explained in two “flip-through “videos.

The first video covers the Rules from Basic Game to the Standard Game.


And the second video covers the Optional Rules, Campaign Rules and Appendix chapters.



Please bear with my limited technical setup as the GoPro camera that I initially intended for the job turned out to be the wrong choice (fish-eye lens got everything in the room except the book). Soooo, I fixed my smart phone to an old magnifier lamp (thus the little sway in the first few seconds) and talked about the most important points of the new edition.

If you are new to Bladestorm and want to know what it’s all about or if you have been pondering whether the hardcover book is the right choice: This video is for you 😉