Color Coded Templates

While the wait continues for the Lightning Source (woefully not lightning fast) file validation for the printed book, there was some time to return to the gaming table and update a whole bunch of cards. Some critters and forces that I had been using for play testing sessions were printed on older templates and some now even had wrong values.

Let’s remember that Bladestorm Second Edition does away with unit savings, so all the unit cards now have a higher total point cost.

After all the new cards were printed and laminated, I turned to mark the finished cards with a little colored sticker in the top right corner to distinguish different kinds of forces. Naturally, my seemingly endless source of stickers was finally depleted. That sparked an idea that had been rolling around for some time. Now that we have these nifty forms, why not make them color coded in the first place? Said and done!

New templates with a RED, GREEN and BLUE tinted background can be downloaded at RPGNow!

Bladestorm Combatant, Unit and Vehicle Templates RED

Bladestorm Combatant, Unit and Vehicle Templates GREEN

Bladestorm Combatant, Unit and Vehicle Templates BLUE