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New Website and Forum - DragonReborn - 10-10-2016

First post in a fresh forum!

Yesterday saw the launch of our new website and forum dedicated to the Bladestorm tabletop game. First off, I wish to thank everybody in front and behind the scenes for making the new site and infrastructure available. While the old forum was frequently under attack by spam-bots, the new security measures will hopefully make their relentless attempts fruitless endeavors. 

The new forum also has a little bit different layout, in part owing to experiences we had in the past with threads and how they develop. There are four major areas that we will cover:
- Metal Express = Everything product and website related
- Bladestorm = Different aspects about the game, reports and rules questions
- Miniatures and Models = The stuff of legends!
- Gamer's Corner = Everything that doesn't fit in any of the above categories

Did we cover everything? Let us know if you find anything missing. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Keep the dice rolling!