Looking back: Role Play Convention 2017

Hey folks, it took a while to collect all the imagery and vids from our collective smart phones, but here we are! Last weekend, we were at the Role Play Convention 2017 in Cologne, one of the main events in Germany covering everything role playing (and cosplay). The event is hosted annually at the Cologne Fair Grounds on two floors and an outside area. Feel free to shop, eat great foods, try out new games on computers, consoles or the tabletop (yup!) or take part in countless other activities. If you are into fantasy THIS is the place to be! The Tabletop Area is set on the upper floor to the far end of the hall and covers roughly half the size of a football field.

Big thanks go out to the RPC event staff, especially Carsten Kunz of the Tabletop Area, who offered us free space to setup our booth and present the game to a larger public. It was a lot of work but it was a blast for all of us! Below are some photos to give you a general impression of the booth and the games run at the event.


    Many, many thanks to the team, you guys were awesome!!


Hope to be back next year with more adventures and stories to tell. Until next time 😉