New Hero Cards available

“Blast these archetype characters, I want my own!” During the last months we’ve seen continued downloads of the picture cards for our archetype heroes. They sure look nice and offer a great overview of the hero. Now, Bladestorm wouldn’t be much about flexibility if the only assets that look real nice are the ones supplied by the publisher. We want YOU to create your favorite game. That’s why – after some tinkering – we proudly introduce our new Hero Cards.

The hero cards feature the same format and layout as the archetype picture cards:

  • on the left, you have the regular combatant card that serves as the base for every miniature in Bladestorm
  • in the middle, you find the profession card that goes along with a certain type of hero
  • the right features a large empty area that allows you to upload a photo of your miniature

Tracking the progress of your hero in terms of skills is pretty important. That’s why you can now place little check marks next to the skills that your hero already possesses. This new feature let’s you create truly personalized heroes and a great adventure party to show off on your side of the gaming table.

Download the new Hero Cards for free at RPGNOW:

Enjoy 😉