Bladestorm Second Edition Released

After months of planning, lots of work and seemingly endless rewrites and corrections, I am proud and happy to announce the official release of Bladestorm Second Edition. The new Rulesbook as well as tools and game aides are available for purchase and as free downloads at RPGNow.

1. Core Book
Bladestorm Rulesbook Second Edition

2. Tools
Bladestorm Calculator (Heavily expanded and now a free product)

3. Game Aides
Archetype PictureCards

Profession Cards

Combatant and Unit Templates (English)

Kämpfer und Einheitenvorlagen (German)

If you are not sure what kind of game you are getting into, you can always grab a copy of the Quick-Start Rules which introduce the mechanics of the game and include a quick entry level scenario. With the Bladestorm Calculator now being a free product, you can also setup melee encounters between any type of adversaries. If you want to get more – and there is A LOT – the complete Rulesbook is the definite way to exciting tabletop battles!

Now there is one more thing…

With the original electronic publication completed, we are now looking at the next step forward. Following a phase of little nudges here and there (some typos may be found even though we stayed as vigilant as the auto correction) we are planning to bring Bladestorm Second Edition to you also as a Print-On-Demand publication. To my great pleasure, mail today arrived in perfect timing.


The production files have passed their first test run at the printer and are looking simply awesome! BS2E actually turned out to be quite a big book. Now if you’re a looking for the right hardware to go along with your digital files, stay tuned…there is more to come!