Release Countdown – 2 Days

Look out!! The weekend is on the horizon! It’s Thursday and only two days to go until the launch of Second Edition.


So far, I’ve been talking about the logistics of the release … and they are very important. But in today’s post I want to talk about some actual game content that has changed in the new release. Yesterday, I was asked if the actual Bladestorms – the swirling masses of weapons and debris that lend the game its original title – were going to change or getting dropped from the game altogether. I’ve heard numerous times in the past year that the rules that work them into the system were poorly received.

But like it or not, the Bladestorms are very much an integral part of Folenn. I believe just doing away with them would not do the spirit of the game justice. They are canon throughout all Shadow World Master Atlases ever put out by Terry K. Amthor and yes, they do play a role for Folenn.

This role has changed a bit with the new release. In the Campaign Scenarios of BS2E, Bladestorms are a source for fallen treasures and artifacts from battles long gone. These treasures – in part dating back to the Soul Slayer Armies – can be anything from a candle stick to a mighty sword of ogre decapitation (aka slaying weapons). Word of these unclaimed treasures has spread throughout Folenn and beyond to Jaiman and Emer. Today, treasure hunters and mavericks come to the wild continent in search of these mighty artifacts.

There are ten new scenarios that explore locations up and down the western coast, where adventure parties can fight over these treasures (and there are some really tricky situations waiting). Bladestorms can happen, but their rules have been trimmed down quite a lot. Once they appear, they will still end the battle in a matter of turns, however the different storm types and especially the magic spells that summon them (which were never part of any Rolemaster realm of magic), were dropped. Got a Bladestorm incoming? Better get your party out of there!