Release Countdown – 4 Days

Let the days roll in! Can you believe it’s already Tuesday? This has been another late night. If you have been sticking around RPGNow and checked the MX product portfolio lately, you might have by chance discovered that all supportive material except the Quick-Start Rules has vanished.

Interestingly enough the titles were still available for search for a while until the RPGNow database had updated itself and declared them gone for good 😉

We pulled the files because they have been around since day one and are now way overdue for an overhaul. Right now we are in the process of assembling new pdf-packages. The material will be back together with the release of the new Rulesbook. Four days to go!!


Look out for:

  • Brand new English and German pdf-templates for combatants, units and *new* vehicles
  • Profession Cards that can be assigned to any combatant to declare a hero with special abilities
  • Profession Archetypes that can be played right out-of-the-box
  • A completely remodeled and expanded Bladestorm Calculator

Let’s get to work!